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Free Wheel -- Katharine Nohr
Free Wheel

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Land Sharks -- Katharine M. Nohr
Land Sharks

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Katharine M. Nohr writer of legal mystery sports fiction

Now Available, May 10th, 2016,  Katharine's New Legal
Mystery Land Sharks.  Click here for more information

“Katharine Nohr’s brilliant debut has it all: smart characters, crisp dialogue, a breathtaking setting, and an ingenious plot that will keep you turning the pages until sunrise.”
—Douglas Corleone, Author of Robert Ludlum’s The Janson Equation



Dear Readers,

Land Sharks -- Katharine M. NohrTriathletes and multi-sport athletes are the busiest people I know, fitting in swimming, biking, and running into lives filled with work, child care, picking up dry cleaning, walking the dog and dentist appointments. When I was a triathlete, I searched for novels with triathlete characters to read before passing out from exhaustion after a hard workout or when I was taking a few days to recover from a cold or an injury.  The only books I could find about triathletes were non-fiction and so I filled my shelves and Kindle with books about how to swim, bike and run faster, but there were no fictional stories about our sport to entertain me on an airplane.  There were no sit-coms, T.V. dramas or movies about our great obsession.  After I finally quit triathlon training in order to save my hips from inevitable replacement and gave up my eight year gig as a Regional Coordinator of Officials for USAT, I decided to do triathletes a solid and write a series of novels about and for triathletes, multi-sport athletes, fans, abandoned triathlete significant others, and anyone who was ever inspired by Julie Moss’s crawl across the Ironman finish line.  Since I happen to be an insurance defense attorney in Hawaii, many of my characters are attorneys, insurance professionals, and working on a Hawaii 5-Oish T.V. show and the plots center around the drama of litigation and romance.  Strap on your helmet and prepare to take a spin with attorney/triathlete Zana West in the Tri-Angles series:  Land Sharks, Freewheel, VO2 Max. 

For daily tweets on triathlons, swimming, biking, running and all sports, follow me on Twitter:  @TriathlonNovels

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