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Land Sharks -- Katharine M. Nohr
Land Sharks

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Land Sharks -- Katharine Nohr

Land Sharks

Gold medal hopeful, Brad Jordan, is tragically paralyzed when a car enters the triathlon race course and mows him and two other cyclists down at the Olympic trials in Honolulu. Hoping to cash in on his misfortune, Brad hires Rip Mansfield, a shark in an attorney’s suit. Young and ambitious associate Zana West and the seasoned crusty old, technologically challenged Frank Gravelle, join forces to investigate and defend the civil lawsuit, but soon discover that Jordan was the intended target of a mysterious white car, that he may be faking his injuries and question whether Jordan’s girlfriend, T.V. anchorwoman Heather and her cunning twin sister, Megan, might be in on the scam.

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Advance Praise for Katharine M. Nohr’s Land Sharks

“Katharine Nohr’s brilliant debut has it all: smart characters, crisp dialogue, a breathtaking setting, and an ingenious plot that will keep you turning the pages until sunrise.”
—Douglas Corleone, Author of Robert Ludlum’s The Janson Equation

“With lots of twists and turns, and interesting characters involved in a triathlon, this book really drew me in. An excellent story that had me not wanting to stop flipping the pages. Great job, Katharine Nohr!”
—Siri Lindley, USA Triathlon Hall of Famer

“Dripping with raw bureaucratic dread amid a sunny Hawaiian day, this novel does not disappoint anyone who reads the occasional legal drama. This feels like it came from an episode of ‘Law and Order,’ and I like it!”
—Nathan Hopp, Reader’s Boulevard

“Move over John Grisham and make room for first time novelist Katharine M. Nohr and her cast of muscle toned, sun tanned characters chasing triathlon medals and courtroom victories. In this page turner of a thriller, Ms. Nohr takes us on a ride through the ultra competitive world of triathletes and trial lawyers, all the while weaving a story of mystery and romance. A thoroughly enjoyable, must read story for all audiences. Five stars.”
—Teresa Tico, Film Producer

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“In Katharine Nohr’s Land Sharks, young attorney Zana West takes a case involving a fellow triathlete paralyzed during an Olympic trial. With millions on the line, she’s hip- deep in deceit, betrayal, and romance. A likable heroine and more than a couple of sleazy villains make Land Sharks a fast-paced read from the first page all the way to its surprise ending.”
—Sherry Scarpaci, Author of The 13th Victim and Lullaby

“A lively Honolulu whodunit full of island flavor!”
—Lesia Sasynuik Schafer, HR Professional

“Very entertaining legal mystery with characters you will love and love to hate. Engaging plot and witty dialogue in which Katharine Nohr’s sense of humor shines. I can’t wait for the next novel in the series.”
—Nathalie Pettit, President of Honolulu Association of Insurance Professionals

“An interesting, intriguing, and explorative look into of the world of the triathlon athletes. Combine this with the intrigue of a lawsuit, handled by a young rookie lawyer, and the lights and turmoil from a TV show and you have a story full of interesting turns that keeps you reading.”
—roz horton, former President of International Association of Insurance Professionals

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“Author Katharine Nohr has mined her considerable experience as a sports attorney to weave a fascinating story centered on the dynamics of elite triathletes. Her diverse characters are engaging and colorful, and the story is an easy and enjoyable read. There could well be a movie in this!”
—Roy Tjioe, Producer, Island Film Group

“I read the whole book in one delicious sitting. As a sport enthusiast in the legal profession, Land Sharks was a brilliant and entertaining ride from start to finish. Zana West was a multifaceted protagonist providing a rich view into the inner circle of the tri-world and the pressures facing young legal associates. Zana didn’t let Rip Mansfield out of her sights and the readers of Land Sharks won’t want to let Zana out of theirs. I can’t wait to catch Zana on her next adventures!”
—Emily Schmit, California Attorney and Water Polo Coach

“Katharine Nohr’s debut novel Land Sharks is a great read. The story, the setting, and the characters all add up to a intriguing legal mystery. Looking forward to more in this series.”
—Donna Good, Accounting Manager, Great American Holding

“A fun ride through the insurance defense field, filled with colorful characters and beautifully set in the exciting city of Honolulu. This book is a delightful read, perfect for the beach!”
—Tamara Gerrard, Esq., Honolulu Attorney

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“Fun and entertaining read. Well written, exciting… Looking forward to the next adventure by the Author, Katharine Nohr.”
—Ralph Rosenberg, Owner of Ralph Rosenberg Court Reporters, Honolulu

“Thrilling and dynamic! Katharine M. Nohr delivers an authentic and intense insight into a no-holds-barred world of triathlon and law on the Hawaiian islands. With an ingenious flare for humor she keeps you intrigued, appalled and downright laughing at the gripping and unpredictable character revelations. I laughed and cried with the characters as they came to life with each turning page.”
—Dianne Johannson, Physical Therapist and Ironman triathlete

“More action than a transition area at the top of the bell curve! Who knew that triathletes were both meat and meat eaters?”
—Murphy Reinschreiber, Vice President of Operations, Conqur Endurance Group and triathlete agent

Land Sharks grabbed my attention on the first page and didn’t let go. The setting of high pressure, male dominated business threatened to eat our heroine alive, but Zana West’s mixture of strength and vulnerability made her perfect for the job. She makes an enemy, though, and I cheered when she put him in his place. Her romantic endeavor was entertaining as well. You don’t need to be familiar with triathlons to appreciate this intriguing story. Count me in for Katharine M. Nohr’s next book, where I can enjoy the sport without needing to physically participate.”
—Mary Grace Murphy, Author of the Noshes Up North Culinary Mystery Series



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